Lapsit seems appropriate

Hello all! So, Linda the Lapsit Lady had her baby. That means 12 weeks+ of maternity leave. Who will fill in? Me!! I am a lucky girl. The best part is that I get to bring my two little ones. I would be there with them anyway so it only made sense that I volunteer. Two weeks down and going well.

However, I always struggle with the same thing in programs…what to do with the siblings (or other random kids) that inevitably show up for a program geared towards a different age? This can happen for a number of reasons, but mostly because siblings usually aren’t all the same age! Unfortunately, you can’t leave your 3 year old to roam the library while you have a bonding time with your baby.

In this specific case, do I change the plan to accommodate the older kids? Isn’t this taking away from the babies? Do I just make the older kids deal with baby time? What about the toddlers (and preschoolers) that get so excited about the bubbles and step all over the crawlers and other little ones? Do I make them sit out? How can I take away their fun? For most of them this is their only library time. I want to maximize the experience for all ages, but I also want to be fair. Sheesh!

Anybody else have any tactics that have worked?


One thought on “Lapsit seems appropriate

  1. I’m so sorry I hadn’t seen this before our class last week. I thought this was a great post, and I think you’ve quickly found one of the on-going concerns of librarians: how to be inclusive without taking away from the intended audience. In the case of actual baby storytimes, when I had kids dramatically older (two and up), I would have a section of the room just for them already set up that I tried to keep fresh and special. It had books, puzzles, coloring pages, etc that all loosely fit the theme but also kept the parents free to share baby time with their littler ones. It is tricky, though, and it happened across all ages: the 11 and 12 year olds who really wanted to slip into teen programming were toughest for me. This is a great blog so far; I am looking forward to reading it throughout the semester.

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