I (tried) to post a link to For some reason I was unable to write a description for the link. AGH! As I write this , I’m still waiting for that post to publish. Technology!

A friend of mine at Dominican had one of the innovators of this company come to her class as a guest speaker last week. (Is that a run-on?) She posted a link to their website on her FB, and asked for any input. Then I shared it with my FB school group. No replies. No likes. No nothing. Either people don’t have the time to check it out, or they don’t know what to say about it.

I get that. On first look, I thought it was great. I told her I thought accessibility was the bottom line. This seems to be the ideal way to make that happen for kids.

But then I started reading the comments and criticism. I began to understand the enormity of undertaking the switch. And then what do you do about picture books? Or any other materials that may have more than one subject? Do you buy multiple copies to keep in multiple locations? That’ll get pricey.

And that wasn’t even the criticism. It seems to me that the biggest problem opponents have is that this would be dumbing our kids down. That this is taking the easy way out. They will be unprepared when they get to college and have to learn a real system.

My friend seemed to agree that it was a cool idea, but thought it would be better used in a school library. She didn’t see how it could be adopted in a larger collection of a public library. And then how do you decide the age cutoff? If you’re going to put this organizational system into place, do you do it library-wide?

I would love to hear what anyone else thinks about this. I am thinking of John Stuart Mill here, I think I’ll have a better grip on this if I familiarize myself with both sides.

P.S. I’m sure you’ve all read the article in SLJ by now, but here it is again anyway:


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