Tricky word wall

20121109-091208.jpgKindergarten words are great. We’re running out of room though. They are on the kitchen wall so that we see them at least three times a day (but actually WAY more than that). We can  read the words, but also compare and contrast words. The tricky word wall is perfect for starting conversations.


3 thoughts on “Tricky word wall

  1. Caitlyn- I wish I could take credit for the idea. My son’s kindergarten teacher is the BEST ! She has a “tricky word wall” in the classroom, and every few days the kids bring home 1-2 new words. I don’t know what other parents do with their words, but it only made sense to me to have our own version of the real deal. I think we are up to about…I just counted…35. 35 words that my 5 year old could not read three months ago. That he can now. Words, words, words.
    Oh, and the back of our front door is where the refrigerator magnets live- for the 3 year old to play around. Seen and touched every day.

    • And yes, I think word and letter walls could work wonderfully in a public library. I imagine many would “disappear”, but in a children’s program room or activity room, at least they would be disappearing to a place they might be beneficial. (As opposed to some jerk just swiping it.)
      I’ve seen cookie sheets attached to ends of bookshelves with a handful of refrigerator magnets or magnetic poetry words. Just for fun!

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